The drama workshop is a workshop in which Düş Bilginleri Kindergarten uses children’s physical and mental, psycho-motor, socio-emotional and language development approaches.

Through the educational toys, costumes, puppet scene and puppets in the drama workshop, it aims to shed light on the inner world of children, to support them and to offer different alternatives.

Thus, we try to give the child the following characteristics:

  • learn his / her own body and its features,
  • use his / her body in a multi-faceted way,
  • to raise awareness,
  • to think independently,
  • to create a sense of sensitivity to the human and nature,
  • to listen to, understanding,
  • to express himself, to defend his ideas,
  • to be conscious of his creativity and aesthetic consciousness,
  • self-confidence,
  • decision-making and implementation