One of the most important features that distinguish the kindergarten from other schools is that the education programs are differentiated, enriched and conducted on the basis of workshops. With this approach, children in each age group learn the subjects related to the plan in relation to each other. Thus, the strength of each child is easily monitored and discussed by different teachers and experts at the same time.

Children play an active role in all workshops. Especially with the help of mathematics, discovery, science, nature and space workshops, all of our children are expected to increase their interest in mathematics and science courses at the next levels of education.
Thus, prejudiced fears and anxieties against these courses can be prevented.

Drama Workshop

The drama workshop is a workshop in which Düş Bilginleri Kindergarten uses children’s physical and mental, psycho-motor, socio-emotional and language development approaches.

Through the educational toys, costumes, puppet scene and puppets in the drama workshop, it aims to shed light on the inner world of children, to support them and to offer different alternatives.

Thus, we try to give the child the following characteristics:

  • learn his / her own body and its features,
  • use his / her body in a multi-faceted way,
  • to raise awareness,
  • to think independently,
  • to create a sense of sensitivity to the human and nature,
  • to listen to, understanding,
  • to express himself, to defend his ideas,
  • to be conscious of his creativity and aesthetic consciousness,
  • self-confidence,
  • decision-making and implementation

Nature, Science and Astronomy Workshop

It is a special workshop that allows children to research and explore with their own observations and experiences. In this workshop, the child’s sense of curiosity and the urge to explore is supported and developed by projects and experiments.

The workshop is designed to enhance the imagination, perception of nature and environment and motor skills.

In the workshop designed to strengthen imagination, perception of nature and environment and motor skills, such as detective, nature observation, magnets, blends, curiosity, observation and examination are done.

Gym Classes

Our school gives importance to the movement workshop in accordance with the scientific finding that physical health is related to regular movements in infancy and childhood.

Especially, TV and computer spend a long time with obesity, autism, chronic fatigue and laziness, such as the relationship between diseases have been made a variety of studies.

Our movement workshop will help children to use their energies in the right direction and to relieve tension and anxiety on the one hand and sport activities that will support the development of thin and thick muscle.

To start the day more live with music, ballet, step, aerobics, gymnastics, jumping, jumping, rhythm swing, garden games and body movements are applied every day.

These activities are available in the day training program.

Imagination and Design Workshop

Albert Einstein said about the dream: ‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’

From this point of view, our school has created the imagination and design workshop as an area filled with natural materials, legos and art materials. Children learn to express themselves and their emotions freely through tools such as clay, painting, collage, hand paint, watercolor, mud and lego.

They have the opportunity to transfer their thoughts freely through the paintings, sculptures and other works they have created by using different techniques in different branches of art. All products produced in the imagination and design workshop are kept in the portfolios of the children and exhibited in our school at certain times.

Wet Workshop

As it is known, water and sand are the most fluid substances in nature. The only purpose of playing with water and sand is not fun for children. Children are asked to act according to the instructions given to them during the play, so that the development of small muscles (fine motor skills), muscle and brain coordination are ensured.

Discovery Workshop

The discovery workshop was created to develop children’s curiosity, research and inquiry skills. The most important similarity between a scientist and a child is that they go over their curiosity. However, while a scientist does not give up until he reaches a conclusion in his research towards his curiosity, a child may feel dismayed at this point.

Our school aims to teach the feeling of accomplishment by planning discovery workshop and activities that will eliminate children’s curiosity.

Rhythm Workshop

This workshop aims to help the child to recognize the sounds and sounds of the child, to realize how sound is transformed into music and to increase the awareness and awareness of music by supporting rhythm and auditory perception skills. The most important point we pay attention to here is that the children are in the business of making music, not listening to music.

Children who develop a sense of rhythm, perform dance and movements in a proper synchronization, develop their skills such as listening and removing the appropriate sounds, will enjoy playing a suitable musical instrument with pleasure.

Simple Math Workshop

Our school has established a math workshop to develop basic mathematical skills for children. This workshop contains the following topics:

  • matching,
  • grouping,
  • modeling,
  • geometric shapes,
  • part-whole relation,
  • balance
  • attention, memory,
  • fast thinking,
  • fast decision making,
  • logic execution

The math workshop will be enriched with appropriate multimedia tools for the age group.

Puzzle and Book Workshop

The puzzle workshop is the workshop we have created within the framework of Gestalt approach. The skills of seeing the big photo are being developed by working on the parts and all relationships of the children.

In the book workshop, awareness are given that reading and listening is a normal aspect of life.