DBA has made all living spaces safe from accidents by using appropriate child safety products. There are two main entrance and exit doors in the building under control. The interior of the building is monitored by all the classrooms, activity areas, dining hall, outside the premises, the surroundings and the garden camera system.

In the building with fire detection system, all interior doors will be opened to the corridor in accordance with the regulations and they are constructed in a way not to be dangerous to the students.

Electricity, data and other cables in the building are stored and protected so as not to endanger the safety of children.

Dus Bilginleri Kindergarten does not give the children to the people they do not know at school when they are not informed by their parents.



Düş Bilginleri Kindergarten attaches great importance to encouraging children to a healthy diet and active life. In this context, children are certainly not offered unhealthy, poor quality foods that can cause obesity.

In our meal program consisting of breakfast, lunch and afternoon breakfast, the menus are prepared monthly by the nutritionist by taking into account the nutritional habits, calorie needs of the students, physical activities during the day and the necessity of taking the necessary foods in a balanced way and shared with all parents at the beginning of each month. .

Students are provided with a cooking culture as well as basic and proper eating habits while their meals are supervised by their teachers.

In our school, separate sections has been prepared for the preparation, cooking and service departments of dishes and dishwashing and waste sections. Hygienic conditions in the kitchen by keeping the foreground of all the materials (pots, porcelain plates, steel spoons, etc.) quality are selected from the world-renowned brands.


Our shool will have a full-time nurse who can interfere with simple health problems. Any information about the physical (height and weight) and health status of children will be recorded, monitored and periodically shared with families.

Allergies and diseases of children, if any, are processed. It is also expected to pay attention to resting the child at home in diseases which carry the risk of transmission like influenza.

The sudden disturbances experienced by the children in our school are immediately notified to parents and taken to the health institution where our school works after obtaining permission.

In addition, all materials (floor coverings, furniture, toys, etc.) made available to children and adults in our school are selected from materials that have no harmful effects on health.


Dream Scholars Kindergarten respects the school preferences of parents. We believe that the fact that we are in a relationship with each other about the choice of cleaning products in the schools we send our children to is responsible for the society and the country.

In Düş Bilginleri Kindergarten, bleach, ammonia and acid-containing cleaning agents known to be harmful to human and environmental health are not used. The content of all cleaning products to be used shall be open to the supervision of our parents.

The physical space and all materials (floor, table, chair, toys, etc.) are cleaned daily.