Düş Bilginleri Kindergarten conducts educational activities and guidance services together in order to ensure healthy development, adaptation to school environment and their capacities in all aspects of pre-school children.

In our school, a monthly observation form is prepared for each child in the guidance and psychological counseling unit and graphical reports are prepared by examining the child’s learning style, individual skills and communication skills through tests and inventories in international standards. These reports are shared with each parent on a monthly basis. Thus, every parent is informed about the development of his / her child with the reports and the guidance of our expert.

Guidance and Psychological Counseling Studies for Children

Adaptation to school

In order to perform the first social expansions of children safely, the adaptation program that is appropriate for the child is prepared under the guidance of a specialist psychologist.

Child Recognition Program

Our children’s interests and abilities, characteristics, strengths and aspects to be supported, individual and group work (observation, test, play, etc.) of our specialist psychologist are evaluated.

Examination and Evaluation of the Child by Age Development Characteristics

Each child separately; cognitive, emotional, social, language, psychomotor and self-care development processes are examined under the supervision of our expert psychologist and monthly reports are organized and development graph is evaluated.

Identification, Evaluation and Follow-up of a Possible Behavior or Compliance Problem

If a possible behavior or adaptation problem is detected, informing the guardian, creating the intervention program appropriate to the personality traits of the child, follow-up and evaluation of the problem is done by the expert psychologist. If deemed necessary, the parent is referred to a specialist outside the school.

Give Feedback to Families

Our school attaches great importance to informing their families regularly and in writing about children’s development processes. The methods we use to give feedback to families are as follows:

Individual Parent Negotiations

At the time of the individual parents meetings to be held at least once in the period, our expert psychologist and teachers share with parents the developmental characteristics of children.


Parents are given regular information about all processes related to the school through the portal they enter with their username and password.


On monthly training bulletins, Yuksel Yesilbag and our expert psychologist’s articles on different topics are shared

Parent-School Seminars and Group Work

Our school organizes seminars and group work for the needs of parents for at least 8 hours during the school year.

Family and Child Counseling

Our school provides professional advice on family and child counseling with the support of specialized faculty members.