Dear mothers-fathers,

Every parent wants the best for his children. Top quality toys, clothes, technological tools, foods and of course training.

You can see a toy, clothing, technological tool or food in concrete form, touch it, understand its characteristics, taste it and have an idea about its quality. But how can you distinguish ‘the best’ in the education service that is difficult to measure?

While we use a certain amount of resources to satisfy our desire to get the best, it is important that we measure and see the school’s contribution to our school throughout the year.

Schools that do not have a specific education program and systematic functioning all over the world often do not sufficiently support children’s mental, social-emotional, psycho-motor and language development.

Düş Bilginleri Kindergarten follows development of children in the mentioned areas as well as teacher observations with 1 full time psychologist and 1 assistant psychologist to each class; it only shares the results via the portal that the parents can enter with their username and password.

Düş Bilginleri Kindergarten has created 9 workshops classrooms of at least 35 square meters, each of which has the ability to move freely to children, which does not create school phobia.

Children are divided into groups of 20 according to their developmental characteristics and give two teachers to each group.

Other features that differentiate our school;

Special Curriculum: Dus Bilginleri Kindergarten uses Preschool Education Programs prepared by the Ministry of National Education by differentiating and enriching the efforts of faculty members working in the field of Educational Sciences.

Among the courses we have included in our program is the Philosophy for Children course, which will accelerate the children’s ability to develop their thinking, curiosity and questioning skills. Apart from this, differentiation studies can be seen when visiting our school.
We prepare our programs by taking advantage of the Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and Montessori philosophies and the High Scope and GEMS approaches.

Security: Dus Bilginleri Kindergarten has made all living spaces safe from accidents and injuries using appropriate child safety products. There are two main entrance and exit doors in the building under control. The interior of the building is monitored by all the classrooms, activity areas, dining hall, outside the premises, the surroundings and the garden camera system. Our Intelligent School equipment includes our fire detection and alarm system, generator and 10 ton water tank. The electrical outlets in our school are safe sockets. Electrical, data and other cables are stored and protected so as not to endanger the safety of children.

Safe Foods: Our meals are produced by our certified cooks in our school using safe foods. Dreams Children in kindergarten, candy, chocolate, sugar pulp, ready-made juice, salami, sausage, sausage and frozen foods are not given.

School Architecture: Our school architecture is organized in such a way that it contributes the most to the development of children by using international scientific studies in this field. Dus Bilginleri Kindergarten has a physical structure planned and constructed as a kindergarten. There are 11 classrooms, 1 multipurpose hall (88 m2), 12 toilets (6 boys, 6 girls), 1 guide room, 5 warehouses and large corridors with natural ventilation and natural light, ranging in size from 36 to 60 m2. We have a multi-storey building. The height of our school from floor to ceiling is 3 meters on both floors.

Experienced Training Staff: Our teachers at least 5 years experienced associate degree and bachelor’s degree. Our full-time school psychologist is a specialist in Psychology with a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Rich Branch Classes: Dream Scholars Education programs are implemented between 09: 00-15: 30 hours in kindergarten. In addition to English, there are 2 hours of English language per day. We have breakfast, lunch and afternoon meals. English speaking, ballet, gymnastics, modern dance and piano lessons are also available for children who want to work outside the school hours.

Workshop Supporting Development: Dus Bilginleri Kindergartens in the areas of interest of children in kindergarten; In areas where there is no interest, workshops are carried out to ensure interest. Their development is accelerated through workshops such as Imagination and Design, Building-Construction, Mathematics, Drama, Rhythm.

Düş Bilginleri Kindergarten organizes at least 40 hours of in-service trainings per year for professional development of instructional staff and at least 2 hours free personal development seminars for parents.

Our education in the school is your investment in your children.


Dr. Yüksel Yeşilbağ