Düş Bilginleri Kindergarten has been established by Yüksel Yeşilbağ in 2015 with the mission of presenting learning environments to meet the developmental needs of each child by respecting cultural differences and individual learning styles.

Our vision is to be a school that provides the highest level of performance in terms of knowledge, skills, understanding and motivation for each child who continues their activities in accordance with their architecture, programs, teachers and children in all areas of development.

Düş Bilginleri Kindergarten try to equip all children who continue in line with our vision and mission with 21st century skills. The basic skills we focus on are critical thinking, communication, cooperation and creativity, which are called 4C in English. For this reason, a different classrooms were structured and all the classrooms were formed under the theme of workshops.

Düş Bilginleri Kindergarten aims to become a Cultural Center of the region where parents, carers and other adults are located through free trainings aimed at improving the quality of their relations with each other.

Our Physical Facilities

There are 11 classrooms in our school. We also have a sleeping room for 20 people, a large and bright cafeteria with infirmary and 1 large multi-purpose hall.

All the classrooms and workshops in our school have large windows that allow them to receive sunlight and light. The windows in the windows are light breaker, heat insulated and unbreakable.